GMS is a powerful Fidonet mailer for Amiga computers able to exchange mails and files with an Hayes compatible modem. It has the following features:

... is fast and uses little cpu time.
... is fully localized in English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Polish. (Workbench 2.1 or higher)
... is able to use full 5 dimensional addresses.
... is able to redirect Fax and Voice calls to external programs.
... has a powerful ARexx interface.
... supports the Nodelist.
... supports the OwnDevUnit.library.
... supports FTS-1, YooHoo, Emsi and Emsi-II handshake protocols.
... supports DietIfna, ZedZip, ZedZap and DirectZap unidirectional transfer protocols.
... supports Hydra bidirectional transfer protocol.
... is a MUI application!
... works also without MUI!
... has many many other features!

GMS is not a single, huge executable file, but rather a set of modules, configured as run-time multi threaded libraries, each dealing with a different task. The whole thing requires Kickstart 2.04 and MUI 2.1 or newer.


The latest available version released in december 1996 is 1.1.85

MD5 (GMS-1.1.85.lha, 199082 bytes) = 34b1d0ae043dfd4db1cd2d32243165be