Lyn public beta

I’m proud to announce the public beta of Lyn, the image viewer for Mac OS X!

Download the beta and let me know what you think!

Les Petits Bonheurs d'Olive

In his wonderful island, Olive, a floppy-eared blue-eyed young bunny is growing up with his family in an ambience filled of sun.
With his best friends Prizuttu and Pique-Pique, Olive, attuned to the natural world, is exploring the island discovering empty beaches, amusing creatures, ...
From the illustrated books by Lili Pissenlit and Vanessa Gautier, Olive is trotting in a CG animation produced by Mare Nostrum.
Enjoy the trailer!


Added a few panoramas of Elba and Corsica.


Added a gallery of the beautiful Bastia, Corsica.

Picture gallery

In the mean time my upcoming Mac OS X program is ready for the beta stage, I have opened the picture gallery with some shots of the Elba island.